We understand you can only make 1 first impression.
Here are some tips to help you prepare for your big break.



The more you can learn about us and the position you’re applying for, the more prepared you’ll feel during the interview. We suggest you browse our websites to learn about our history, culuture, and benefits! Also, visit one of our stores to observe what we call the “Johnson Experience” of doing business.

Be Yourself

Once you’ve prepared for your interview, relax. Let your personality through. We are interested in knowing you as a person in addition to learning about your skills, talents and work background. At the end of each interview, we encourage questions, so please come prepared to ask us what you want to know about your potential future career.

Proper Dress

Although we have a business casual dress code in our stores, we expect job applicants to dress in professional attire. We’ve found that professional attire helps candidates to feel more confident during the interview.

Phone/Virtual Interviews

In advance of a face-to-face interview, our store personnel may conduct a phone/virtual interview. Although this may be a new experience for you, it’s a great way to begin the interview process. During the phone/virtual interview it’s important to speak and conduct yourself in the same manner as you would in a face-to-face interview. Try to find a quiet place to elimate background noise.

Panel Interviews

A panel interview allows you to speak with two or more of our team members at the same session  and gain more information about the job duties and our culture. Bring questions about their career path and what they enjoy about working at Johnson Motors & Ford.

Behavioral Interview Questions

We use the behavioral interview method to learn more about you and your experience. For example, if the interviewer says “Tell me about a time when you had a dissatisfied customer.”

  • Describe a SITUATION in which you had a dissatisfied customer
  • Explain further the TASK you had to complete to satisfy the customer
  • Tell the interviewer about the ACTION you took to handle the situation
  • Finally, explain the RESULT of the situation
Follow-up & Follow through

We strive to give our job applicants the same outstanding service we provide our customers, so after you’ve completed your initial job interview, we’ll follow up with you by phone, email, or mail. If you have any questions during this process. Do not hesitate to reach out to Sasha Rondeau, Human Resources Coordinator at HR@JohnsonMotors.com or 715-246-2261.